Metro Trains Plans in India

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The concept of metro train train started way back at the end of 20st century in India. Government first planned the metro trains in capital of the country i.e. Delhi. But in due course of time it has expanded to complete NCR region covering Gurgoan, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida etc.

In addition to facility to the capital these other cities that were satellite town in past also got the benefit of metro train. The business activity has increased in the places form where the metro train passes. The property rates increased several times to the current level if property is near to Metro while at farther paces rate were not increased. This has speeded up the property market and if any places is required to be developed then Government can plan metro routes there.

It was 2003, when first metro train was started by then Chief Minister of Delhi, Ms Sheila Dixit. This was great day for the city and start of reducing the pollution. Although, replacement of commercial vehicle by CNG fuel has also started for reducing pollution but this was big leap. Initially it covered few metro station and Rajiv chowk was the main center for changing the the trains from one route to other.

Mr. Sridharan, known to be pioneer of metro train has also been great contributor to Konkan railways and again he proved his competency in Delhi metro. He has worked as per his terms and his vision. He has reduces political influence to almost zero that has given him biggest advantages in completing the project before time. Though, citizens of Delhi faced lot of trouble during the period when metro routes were being constructed but that had worth of doing as they experience now.

With metro trains, public transport has become easy and it was possible to remove dreaded Red Line and Blu Line Buses from Delhi that had given 100s accidents and deaths. Poor people got the better transport facilities and rich people got roads with lessor traffic. So, it was beneficial to everyone of city. In addition, Government is earning huge revenue.

Future Plans

Government planned to introduce the metro train concept to other metro cities and other big cities having population more than 10 lakhs. So, most of the capital cities got its approval to build the metro trains. Such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Patna are in the queue to have metro trains soon. Mumbai has already started the metro trains in 2014.